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The DL11-55 Telescopic Handler will help you find new ways to increase jobsite productivity, develop new business and provide a quick return-on-investment.
Rear axle stabilization system locks the rear axle to the frame if the parking brake is engaged, if the boom is raised 60 degrees or higher, or if the PWP System is activated.
10-degree frame tilt in both directions.
Double universal joints for tight turn radius without applying stress on the axle.
Two-wheel, four-wheel, crab steering standard.
Standard centrifugal pre-cleaner and two-stage air cleaner.
Transmission de-clutch system for faster boom cycle times.
Standard pneumatic tires; no ballast required.
ROPS and FOPS certified operator's compartment.
Power (kW) 115 hp (86)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 22.8 mph (36.7)
Turning Radius (m) 12'2" (3.7)
Lift Capacity (kg) 11,000 lbs. (4990)
Total Hydraulic System Capacity (L/min) 43 gpm (162.8)
The DL11-55 Telescopic Handlers provides the power to get work done effectively and efficiently.

Engine shutdown protection feature allows 30-seconds of run time for moving the unit to a safe location for loading or repair.
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 4045T Interim Tier IV
Power (kW) 115 hp (86)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 22 mph (35.4)

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