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Daily Rate: $515.00  Weekly Rate: $1515.00  Monthly Rate: $4515.00
Stock #: DZR002 Unit #: 001

John Deere 650 H-LGP Bull Dozer With 28" tracks 129" 6-way blade

Must be hauled by semi trailer. Charge for permit as oversize load. $1,500.00 Deposit required.

Engine 650H LT / 650H XLT / 650H LGP John Deere 4045T with altitude-compensating turbocharger
Rated power @ 2,200 rpm90 SAE net hp (67 kW)
Cylinders, wet sleeve4
Displacement 276 cu in (452 L)
Fuel consumption, typical19 to 30 gal/hr (72 to 119 L/h)
Maximum net torque 316 lb-ft (405 Nm) @ 1,200 rpm
Lubrication pressure system with full-flow spin-on filter and oil-to-water cooler
Air cleanerdual stage dry type with safety element, precleaner, and dash-mounted restriction indicator
Electrical system 12 volt with 65-amp alternator
Cooling fanblower
Dual-path, electronic-controlled, hydrostatic drive; load-sensing feature automatically adjusts speed and power to match changing load conditions; each individual track is
powered by a variable-displacement piston pump and two-speed motor combination; decelerator controls speed from holding to 50 mph (80 km/h)
Travel speeds (infinitely variable)
Forward and reverse 0 to 50 mph (0 to 80 km/h)
Final Drives
Heavy-duty triple-reduction final drives attach directly to the mainframe and are isolated from track frame and dozer frame loads
Single-lever steering, direction control, and counterrotation; full power turns and infinitely variable track speeds provide unlimited maneuverability and optimum control;
hydrostatic steering eliminates steering clutches and brakes
Hydrostatic (dynamic) braking stops the machine whenever the direction-control lever is moved to neutral, whenever the decelerator is depressed to the end of travel, or
whenever the brake pedal is depressed
Automatic Park Brake
Exclusive safety feature engages wet, multiple-disc brakes automatically whenever the engine stops, whenever the operator applies the brake pedal, or whenever the neutral
start lever lock is in the stop position; machine cannot be driven with brake applied, reducing wear out or need for adjustment
Hydraulic System
Systemopen center
Pressure, main relief 3,000 psi (20 685 kPa)
Pump gear
Flow15 gpm (568 L/min) @ 2,200 rpm
Filter, return oil 10 micron
Control T-bar three function
Cylinders heat-treated, chrome-plated, polished cylinder rods, hardened steel (replaceable bushings) pivot pins
Capacities (US)
Fuel tank with lockable cap47 gal (178 L)
Cooling system with coolant recovery tank17 qt (16 L)
Engine oil including spin-on filter 15 qt (14 L)
Transmission reservoir refill with filter change 113 gal (427 L)
Final drive (each)7 qt (66 L)
Hydraulic reservoir refill with filter change 85 gal (322 L)
All power train and hydraulic systems allow 45-degree maximum operation
SAE Operating Weights
Base weights were computed for units with standard equipment, rollover protective structures, full fuel tanks, and 175-lb (79 kg) operators
105-in (2667 mm) blade and 18-in (457 mm)
track shoes 18,500 lb (8390 kg) 18,600 lb (8437 kg)
128-in (3251 mm) blade and 28-in (711 mm) track shoes 19,100 lb (8660 kg)